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Student Organizations

Department of Animal and Food Sciences; Student Organizations; Animal Science Graduate Student Association; Animal Science Leadership Alliance; Block and Bridle Club; Dairy Science Club; Food Science Club; Horseman's Association; Meat Science Association; Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlemen's Association; Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlewomen's Association; Pre-Veterinary Science Club; Swine Club

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As a student in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences, you have numerous opportunities to be involved on campus in student organizations and teams. Our department sponsors eleven departmental student clubs, each oriented toward a specific area.

These organizations are led by students, for students, and are advised by faculty or staff mentors in the department. Joining a student organization allows students to develop leadership skills, volunteer in the community and network with peers and industry professionals. Getting involved in a departmental club is easy. Simply attend a club meeting!

AFS Student Organizations Connect with us! Advisor(s)
Animal Science Graduate Student Association (ASGSA)
ASGSA is a graduate student organization for AFS students. They organize multiple events each year.

Blake Wilson

Animal Science Leadership Alliance (ASLA)
ASLA is an elite leadership group selected in the spring of each year. This group is designed to recruit students into the department of animal and food sciences, mentor current students, serve as a bridge between students and faculty, and act as a connection between students and alumni.

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Mellissa Crosswhite

Justin Crosswhite

Block and Bridle Club
Students involved in B&B come from all areas of animal science, plus anyone throughout the university who is interested in animal agriculture. The club hosts educational events with invited speakers, community service projects and a youth showmanship clinic in addition to the annual Winter Bonanza cattle show.
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Deb VanOverbeke

Justin Crosswhite

Dairy Science Club
Students interested in the dairy industry are encouraged to become involved in the Dairy Science Club. The most popular and visible functions of the Dairy Science Club is their float in the homecoming parade and hosting the silect auction at the Southern Spring National Holstein Show in Stillwater.

David Jones

Leon Spicer

Food Science Club
The Food Science Club serves to acquaint students with a deeper understanding of food science and technology and to develop and maintain a close relationship between students in the club and the faculty/staff in the department of animal and food sciences and the Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center.


Ravi Jadeja

William McGlynn

Horsemen's Association
The Horseman’s Association strives to connect students with the equine industry and showcase unique opportunities to work with horses. Students travel to the National Horseman’s Convention each spring to experience equine endeavors in different parts of the United States.
Facebook Natalie Baker
Meat Science Association
The Meat Science Association is an organization of students and faculty who discover, develop and disseminate their collective knowledge and create passion for the area of meat science. During the summer, members have an opportunity to attend the Reciprocal Meat Conference sponsored by the American Meat Science Association.

Gretchen Mafi

Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlemen's Association (OCCA)
Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlemen’s Association is a campuswide organization that consists of men involved in the cattle industry, agriculture or other livestock industries. Members work together to promote agriculture throughout the state and across the nation.

David Lalman

Dan Stein

Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlewomen's Association (OCCW)
Oklahoma Collegiate Cattlewomen’s Association is a campuswide organization that consists of women involved in the cattle industry, agriculture or other livestock industries. Members work together to promote agriculture throughout the state and across the nation.

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Cheryl Devuyst

Becca Lasich

Pre-Veterinary Science Club
The Pre-Vet Science Club was created to promote fellowship, cooperation and education among undergraduate students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine. The club meets multiple times throughout the year, including field trips and volunteer activities.

Facebook | Twitter Udaya DeSilva
Swine Club
The Swine Club serves as an outlet for swine enthusiasts to be involved in the industry, educate on campus and serve the community. The club hosts a jackpot show each spring.
Facebook Scott Carter


CASNR Clubs and Organizations
Through student involvement in activities and organizations, you can participate in professional development and build lasting friendships with fellow students and faculty members. There are more than 60 student clubs and organizations in CASNR.

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