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Undergraduate Minors

Animal Science and Food Science Minors; Department of Animal and Food Sciences

Whether you have a passion for animal or food science or simply want to learn about another field while at OSU, you can add it to your curriculum as a minor. Earning a minor not only expands your knowledge about a field of study, but it can make you stand out to potential employers.

We have students from all over the university minoring in animal or food science. Whether you are an agricultural communications major wanting to expand your knowledge about animal science or a chemical engineering major who wants to work in the food science industry; a minor is a great idea.

Animal Science Minor

Minors in animal science require 22 hours of animal science related courses.

ANSI 1124. 18 hours from ANSI 2253, 3333, 3423, 3433, 3443, 3523, 3543, 3623, 3653, 3753, 4023, 4203, 4333, 4423, 4543, 4553, 4613, 4633, 4643, 4803, 4863; at least 3 of these credits must be from 4000 level courses.

Food Science Minor

Minors in food science require 20 hours of food science related courses.

FDSC 1133; 17 credits from: FDSC 2253, 3113, 3154, 3182, 3210, 3333, 3373, 3603, 4333, 4763, 4910; ANSI 3543 (or NSCI 4323); MCAG 4123. Credits in 3210 and 4910 may be used for this minor only if they involve activities approved by the Food Science Advisor in advance.

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